You're in the right place if you want to...

  • Create a successful social selling business using platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Clubhouse.

  • Attract your ideal clients /customers and target high-leverage activities for building your audience.

  • Craft a scalable social media strategy for your business

  • Multiply your engagement & growth.

  • Learn to create content that connects and converts.

  • Build confidence and posture with your brand positioning.

  • Learn professional tips to best monetize your social platforms.

  • Identify and eliminate time-wasting activities to streamline your social strategy

  • Learn to leverage platforms like Pinterest & Clubhouse to elevate your brand awareness, and drive traffic and leads straight to your DM's.

START gaining clarity and scale your business to success using social media.

You have the potential to build a successful business leveraging social media. However, it's hard to stay focused. With ever-changing platforms, algorithms, and constantly suffering from comparisonitis, we paralyze ourselves, stopping us from taking action. 

We put things off and often get distracted, not allowing us to work with intention. Sometimes, all it takes is clear instructions and a community to help hold you accountable. There are tips, tricks, and strategies to help you accomplish your goals. Together, we start applying them to make forward progress in your business. 

Plug into a community of high-vibe female entrepreneurs ready to take their business to the next level. These women drive to ignite a passion fueled with purpose, which creates excitement and energy. Without this, you may suffer from serious FOMO!

As someone who has specialized in branding and social media for over 13+ years and coached hundreds of women to success, I have the knowledge and experience to guide you, simplify the process, and help you scale.

$7200 Retail Value

The next master class kicks off July 18th

Meet Your Mentor


Founder/CEO of Social Savvy Influencer,LLC, Whitney Kay is a 13+ year brand & social media specialist, mentor, and coach.

Whitney has grown and monetized 3+ e-communities to 30,000+ members and supported hundreds of brands independent entrepreneurs worldwide. Leveraging her social media skills, Whitney has also built a 6-figure organization, contributing to a multi-million dollar organization in the NWM industry.

Today, she helps female entrepreneurs like you define their personal brand, leverage social media for organic growth, build and scale social communities to profit, and implement simplified strategies for a thriving online business. 

Weekly breakdown...

This course is hosted in a Facebook group giving you 24-hour access to training materials throughout the 6-week period.

  • WEEK 1: Getting Out Of Your Own Way + Goal Setting

  • WEEK 2: First Impression Bio's + Audience Discovery

  • WEEK 3: Content Bucketing, Batching, + Development

  • WEEK 4: Live Video Strategies

  • WEEK 5: Growth + Engagement Strategies

  • Week 6: Systems & Implementation

What's Included?

  • Get Socially Savvy Workbook - Your roadmap to becoming socially savvy! ($1197 value)

  • (2) LIVE trainings each week ($1800 value)

  • (1) ZOOM mastermind with guest experts + Q&A ($1200 value)

  • My Signature Content Bucket Mapping Strategy ($250 value)

  • Unlimited 24/7 community + one-on-one text support with me in Telegram (value $900+)

  • 20 social media canva template graphics ($300 value)

  • Lifetime access to my YouTube video vault where I keep all workshop LIVE trainings + Masterminds. ($-priceless)

Why did I create this masterclass

For years, I am getting the same questions over and over again. How do you do ____ on social media? How are you able to be everywhere all the time? How can I target my ideal audience? How do you write such good content? How do I use a certain feature? How can I grow my following without purchasing engagement or followers?

I realized it wasn't just a few people that had these questions. I was finding more and more women,  very successful entrepreneurs in their niche, were struggling to show up and dominate their space on social media. And when they tried to do it, they started suffering from comparisonitis and imposter syndrome.  This is where I knew I could help. I took the time to map out the most important, effective, and simple process for any female entrepreneur to learn, implement, and succeed.  

Are you ready to take action?

This is an investment into yourself & career!